• BBC Good Food, dinner disaster & the fabulous Cock

    June 17, 2016trevor44

    Good afternoon, my dear Delicate Diners! It’s Friday, it’s just gone 5pm, and I am now home from a great couple of days away at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham. I honestly feel as if I have done nothing but eat this month! From the Fire and Feast at Relish at the start of the month, to the amazing Great British Menu at Benedicts last week, it has been non-stop. Add in a trip to The Ritz on Monday – including a tour around the kitchens –  and it has definitely been a foodie month! I have much to do as first…

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  • Celebrating June with the very best of Norfolk!

    June 20, 2016trevor44

    Happy Summer Solstice to you all! It certainly does not feel like summer. As I begin to write this, the rain is falling down outside, drenching the roses and honeysuckle outside my window. The birds are in hiding, not loudly chatting to each other about the beauty of summer, encouraging their young to leave the nest learn to fly. Even Merlin Cat is curled up on his window seat, wondering whether he would be better off inside with the other cats. I am even sure that I can hear the odd rumble of thunder, grumbling ominously in the distance, the…

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  • #MeatTheButcher – The Art of Butchery at the Royal Norfolk Show

    June 15, 2016trevor44

    Farming and Norfolk go hand in hand. Driving around the county, as well as neighbouring Suffolk, you see vast fields of arable crops; pastures with cows, gently chewing the cud under a tree; and also great parts of the countryside devoted to pigs. This part of the UK has the best pork in the country and, seeing how the live and thrive, it is easy to see why. I, myself, grew up on a farm estate and while my interest was more in the horses than the cows, sheep and chickens, they were part of the fabric of my life.…

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